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Time Tripper

Bittersweet Lies We Tell Ourselves Miss Mcghee P&S Silhouette of a Sparrow Tipping the Velvet

Historical Lesbian Fiction (Shorty short list)


Supplemental Articles, Videos, and Websites

This is only a partial listing of materials available online and offline.  Please feel free to add an article, video, website, or other helpful information related to this post in the comments below.  History has many layers, though not all are acknowledged or explored.  By sharing these stories, I hope to encourage a more nuanced approach to and active engagement with the human tale.

*Note: The following websites were accessed on March 18, 2015

Author Interviews

Book Excerpts

Most of the following book excerpts came from Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature on its website.  I do recommend checking out your local public library system’s ebook catalog for sample chapters.

Additional Discussion Guides

Further Reading – Resources

I selected a few websites for each time period.  There are many excellent, well-written and researched volumes, but for the purposes of immediacy and access, I have selected websites.  This is not an exhaustive list of information resources and does not represent all possible views.  Please use them as a springboard for further thought and discussion.

Women’s History (Library of Congress)

Resources – United States, 19th Century (Patience and Sarah, Bittersweet)

Resources – Victorian England (Tipping the Velvet)

Resources – United States, 1920s (Silhouette of a Sparrow)

Resources – United States, 1940s-1950s (Miss McGhee)

Resources – United States, 1950s-1960s Civil Rights (Lies We Tell Ourselves)

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