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Literature & Libations: cocktail selections for summer reading

Right now it’s hot and my mind’s floating away down a river somewhere. I can see why a whole month has slipped away from me, since I always seem to be fantasizing about lakes and inner tubes and refreshing beverages. There’s no better way for me to relax than recline in a chair, a book in hand and a sweating glass of something on my TV tray.

I’ve enhanced my staycation of sorts with a handful of beachy-keen books below and paired them with cocktails. I haven’t sampled most of the recipes below. Yet. I’m interested to hear your thoughts. While the stories don’t entirely focus on surf and sand, the locales are hot enough to cause a woman to wither away if not properly tended to. Happy reading and bottoms up!

Greetings from Jamaica

Greetings from Jamaica: Wish You Were Queer by Mari SanGiovanni

Rum and cokes were my go-to cocktail during my senior year of college. For this fun and zany romantic comedy, however, I want to detour from the familiar and mix up something fresh.  Bon Appetit’s “16 Summery Cocktails” offers up a delicious range of rum drinks. 


  1. Spiced Rum Recipe No. 5
  2. Northwood #2
  3. Goombay Smash
  4. Isle of Pines
  5. Queen’s Park Swizzle
  6. Double R Daquiri
  7. Christmas Caipirinhas
  8. The Golden Age
  9. Rosemary-Tangerine Cooler
  10. Pineapple-Mint Mojito
  11. Strawberry Lemonade Smash
  12. Tropical Storm
  13. Kona Swizzle
  14. Philadelphia Fish House Punch (link MIA)
  15. Boston Tea Party
  16. Luau Coconut

***Photo of Tangerine Cooler via Bon Appetit


Miss McGhee

Miss McGhee by Bett Norris

Miss McGhee is a wonderful historical romance set post-WWII in Alabama. The hands down drink selection for this novel is the Alabama Slammer. Although this drink is an anachronistic choice, I can’t help but include it. Joining it will be the classic bevvy, Planter’s Punch. Our hardworking heroines, Mary McGhee and Lila Dubose, might find these help take the edge off.



Alabama Slammer cocktail

  1. Alabama Slammer: offers up a little drink history and a recipe.
  2. Planter’s Punch:

***Alabama Slammer image via


under the southern cross

Under the Southern Cross by Claire McNab

My goal is to travel to Australia sometime within the next ten years. Growing up, a close family friend would often visit us from her home in Melbourne. This, coupled with movies like “Crocodile Dundee” and “Rescuers Down Under” fueled my early fascination with the land down under. For now, though, I’ll revisit Claire McNab’s romance set within the tourism industry and the captivating Australian landscape.


***Barrier Reef image via

Last Call…

What do you prefer to sip while immersed in your summer reading? Which characters do you envision as a literal tall, cool drink? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

Still thirsty, but want to keep some pretensions of class? These few fun boozy guides will satisfy on all counts!

The first two, Tequila Mockingbird and Gone with the Gin are clever and fun drink guides. The Playboy Bartender’s Guide has been my go-to source since college. There are millions of guides out there and quite a few that feature attractive layouts and unassuming recipes. However, for brevity’s sake and to just get right down to it, I’ve stuck to these three.

Tequila MockingbirdGone with the Ginpbbg

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