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Charming the Vicar – audiobook review

Charming the Vicar cover art


“Axdale had a gay, female vicar in heels and a biker jacket. Had she walked into the Twilight Zone?”

This audio edition of Jenny Frame’s Charming the Vicar pulls you into a journey of heartache and loss on the way to love and healing. Famed mentalist and avowed atheist Finnian Kane has no idea what she’s in for when she selects the small English village of Axedale as her retreat from the world and her sorrows. Not thwarted by a chilly reception to her doorstep one-woman welcome committee, Reverend Bridget Claremont engages Finn in discussions and activities. I’ve listened to and read few queer romances  in which faith plays an important role in the characters’ lives. The ways in which Bridget’s Christian faith and Finnian’s deep disdain for religion play out separately and together is thoughtfully done. As you listen, you won’t find that one way is the only way. Faith and sexuality are partners in the journey of this story.

Attraction between the women build, smoldering and sparking, though the Church prevents Bridget from having relationships with women. Nicola Victoria Vincent delivers wonderful characterization of leads and supporting cast, though her delivery sounds hurried at times. She heats up sex scenes, stepping into Mistress Black (Bridget’s buried persona) in much the same way that Bridget dons her persona and attire, with firm and sensual tones. Finn’s need also amplifies these scenes as she pleads and takes. Take some time for yourself and enjoy this delectable blend of sweet and spicy! 

See Courting the Countess for more Axedale romance!

Charming the Vicar by Jenny Frame
Narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent
Produced by Bold Strokes Books
Length: 7 hours, 49 minutes
Release date: January 2018

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